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Our New Linear StormTreat System

Following nearly 25 years of success with our original circular shaped treatment system, inspired by years of field testing and client input, our team has developed a new and improved linear system. The new system treats stormwater using the same multiphase treatment path that includes an integrated sedimentation chamber and vegetated bioretention cell but with new and exciting updates and improvements. The new linear system maintains the same dimensions, flow rates and treatment processes as the original system thus maintaining and improving upon previously verified treatment

Reduced Cost

Reductions in manufacturing, assembly, and installation costs are passed down to our customers to assure highly competitive pricing based on a cost per impervious acre treated basis.

Enhanced Treatment

Due to increased influent/root zone contact, new proprietary biofilter media, and optimized flow rate and retention duration the new linear StormTreat System is capable of achieving higher pollutant removal performance.

Streamlined Installation

Our new linear design has reduced the installation footprint, parts are lighter weight, and StormTreat Systems staff are available to assist throughout the process.

Improved Plant Resiliency
During Dry Weather

The shallow depth bioretention cell assure plant roots are irrigated with influent stormwater even in small storm events and the optional integrated solar powered irrigation system can keep plants happy for long periods without precipitation.

Adaptable Design for Challenging Sites

The new linear shape allows installation in tighter spaces next to curbs or within parking lot islands and offers optional gravity fed or pump driven configurations to provide options for almost any topographic challenge. Its modularity allows for multi-unit configuration in tandem to meet water quality volume requirements. It can also be configured in a terraced arrangement to provide a cascading effect down a sloped hillside. With an outlet invert as shallow as 18-inches below land surface it is ideal for sites with a shallow water table or where vertical drop in conveyance elevation is undesirable.

System Diagrams

Awards & Certifications

EPA Envirotechnology Innovator Award
The United States Environmental Protection Agency presented its Envirotechnology Innovator Award to StormTreat Systems. This award “represents New England’s most innovative technologies.”

Massachusetts STEP Verification
StormTreat Systems is the first stormwater treatment technology to be verified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Strategic Envirotechnology Partnership or MASTEP program. The STEP program

Technology Acceptance Reciprocity Partnership (TARP)
StormTreat is currently in the process of undergoing third party monitoring at the University of New Hampshire Stormwater Center (UNHSC) with the goal of gaining TARP approval.

Our Team

Scott Horsley

Proprietor / Sales / Support

John Whitehouse

Sales / Installation

Bryan Horsley

Technical Assistance / Support

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