StormTreat Systems has developed a new linear system!

About the New System:

We are now providing a linear alternative to our traditional circular treatment configuration. The new system maintains the same integrated process that includes a pre-treatment settling/skimmer tank followed by a linear bioretention treatment cell that provides physical filtration and biological processing of pollutants. It maintains the same dimensions and treatment processes to replicate our demonstrated treatment performance that includes high removal rates for total suspended solids (TSS), pathogens, nutrients, metals, and hydrocarbons.

The new design fits easily into linear buffer areas commonly found in parking lots and along the edges of roadways. It is modular so that multiple units can be configured in tandem or adjacent to one another. It can also be configured in a tiered arrangement to provide a cascading effect down a sloped hillside.

The linear StormTreat System is suitable for sites with a shallow water table or where vertical drop in stormwater conveyance is undesirable as it provides a discharge at only 18 inches below the land’s surface.

We have added a subsurface detention system that increases the capacity of the system and provides an irrigation source during dry periods between rain events. A solar powered water pump recirculates the stored stormwater to the bioretention cell.







Please contact us directly for details. We are always happy to review a site plan
and provide assistance with layouts and configurations.

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