Technology Acceptance Reciprocity Partnership (TARP)

StormTreat is currently in the process of undergoing third party monitoring at the University of New Hampshire Stormwater Center (UNHSC) with the goal of gaining TARP approval. We have completed one-year of testing and have received a preliminary Performance Evaluation Report (PER), which is summarized on our Pollutant Removal Data page. Upon completion of further performance monitoring UNHSC will provide us with a Certification Level Report (CLR), which we intend to submit for TARP approval.

Massachusetts STEP Verification

StormTreat Systems is the first stormwater treatment technology to be verified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Strategic Envirotechnology Partnership or MASTEP program. The STEP program is a service provided by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to help develop new environmental technologies and to verify their effectiveness. An excerpt from the executive summary of this assessment reads as follows:

“It is the conclusion of this assessment that StormTreat Systems, when sized according to recommended criteria, with proper operation and maintenance, can provide levels of treatment required under Standards 4 and 6, as specified by the Massachusetts DEP Stormwater Management Handbook. Under special circumstances, the system may provide as much as 98% removal of TSS when sized according to design criteria. The system, when configured for recharge can meet Standard 3 and is also likely to meet Standard 5, for land uses with higher potential pollutant loads, when sized according to design criteria.”

The Massachusetts STEP is a member of the Six State Partnership for Environmental Technology, which includes California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York. Reciprocal certifications in these states may be available.

Click here to view a complete copy of the STEP report.

EPA Envirotechnology Innovator Award

The United States Environmental Protection Agency presented its Envirotechnology Innovator Award to StormTreat Systems. This award “represents New England’s most innovative technologies.” The selection process was administered by EPA’s Regional Science Council which evaluated the technology based upon: the ability of the technology to address environmental problems, the ability of the claims to be verified, field trials and, innovativeness. Learn more about this award in the EPA publication Technovation here.



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