Long Creek Restoration Project - Portland, Maine

In association with the Long Creek Restoration Project in Portland, Maine and surrounding cities 24 StormTreat Systems units were installed at three different locations to help meet TMDL requirements for the impaired watershed. Ten units are located in the Mall Plaza in South Portland, ten units are at the Portland Jetport, and four units are located on Philbrook Avenue. StormTreat was selected for this project because of it's proven treatment performance for nutrients, metals, and suspended solids, all of which are pollutants of concern in this watershed.







Massachusetts Coastal Pollutant Remediation Program

Massachusetts Towns of Ipswich and Barnstable have installed StormTreat Systems under funding provided by the state’s Office of Coastal Zone Management through its Coastal Pollutant Remediation Grant program. Ipswich installed two tanks near the mouth of the Ipswich River, treating road and parking lot drainage from the downtown Ipswich area. Barnstable installed four tanks at the intersections of Routes 149 and 28, an area which receives heavy traffic and which discharges to Mill Pond and the Marstons Mills River. Prior to these projects untreated stormwater was discharged directly into sensitive receiving waters.


Innovative Product Enables New Pharmacy To Build In Sensitive Watershed

By Patrick Clark, P.E.- Land Use Consultants, Manchester, Maine

When Rite Aid Corporation was planning to build a new pharmacy in Manchester, Maine, they had to deal with some of the most restrictive phosphorous runoff control standards in the state. The town had recently adopted new regulations similar to the proposed Maine DEP Stormwater Regulations that went into effect in July 1997. The rules are intended to prevent any further decline in water quality of nearby Cobbossecontee Lake which currently ranks as one of the six most polluted lakes in the state. (Phosphorus is the key pollutant responsible for alga blooms in lakes.)
Rite Aid’s engineering consultant, Land Use Consultants, Inc. of Portland, worked closely with the town officials and representatives of the Cobbossee Watershed District to develop a stormwater management plan that would meet these new standards. After evaluating several conventional stormwater treatment methods without success, Land Use Consultants, Inc. turned to StormTreat Systems which is distributed by Eco-Cycle, Inc. of Manchester, ME.

The final design consisted of a conventional stormwater collection system of catch basins, swales, and piping which directs runoff to a flow-splitting structure. The most polluted first flush of runoff goes to an underground storage vault connected to five parallel StormTreat units. After passing through the StormTreat units, an underdrain system collects the treated effluent and discharges it to a highway storm drain. Any excess flow beyond the first flush is diverted to a conventional detention basin, prior to discharging to a highway drainage system.

StormTreat Systems Brings New England Sealcoating Into Compliance
With Massachusetts DEP Orders

New England Sealcoating’s corporate headquarters are located in the Hingham, MA, Industrial Park. The site abuts a wetland which is tributary to a drinking water supply. Under DEP Order, the storm drain was stopped and runoff was required to be retained on-site while a solution was developed. This resulted in a 12- to 24-inch deep pond in their parking lot. After hiring several consultants and rejecting plans to build an expensive treatment plant, Sealcoating proposed StormTreat Systems to the Hingham Conservation Commission and the Massachusetts DEP. Permit approvals were readily obtained and six StormTreat Systems were installed as a successful, and low cost, solution to the problem.

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