Welcome to our installation page. Please read through the information supplied here and contact us at any time for assistance. Here are a few services we provide to help you through the process:

- Design assistance: Discuss details of our system and how to best fit it into your project.
- Pre-construction meeting: Includes project engineer, installer and STS representative.
- On-site installation assistance: STS rep on-site to assist and assure specs are met.


StormTreat Recommended Installation Procedures

Tanks in Pit and Leveled
Tanks in pit and leveled with sand base.
Attaching the Pipes
Connecting the inlet and outlet manifolds.
Adding the Stone
Adding stone.
Planting Wetland Plants
Preparing plants for installation.
Setting outlet flow rate.
Planting Completed
Completed installation.

1. Excavate an area large enough to contain the entire system and to an elevation one foot below the bottom of the units. Excavate additional areas for inflow and discharge pipes.

2. Pour crushed stone or sand (depending on system configuration) base and level to the base design elevation of the floor of the STS units. All tanks must be at the same elevation.

3. Lower Storm Treat Systems units into place using a sling hanging from a backhoe or, in sensitive areas, place by hand with crew.

4. Connect inlet and outlet pipe manifold. Support manifold at design elevation using crushed stone. All manifold pipe consists of 4-inch schedule 40 pvc and must be watertight and glued using pvc cement.

5. Install outlet flow control valve at system outlet location. Access must be provided to allow flow rate setting and monitoring.

6. Carefully fill wetland container with 3/8-inch rounded stone. Stone must be thoroughly washed to eliminate fines. Cover lid with landscape fabric or similar to prevent scratching and to keep stone and dirt out of the pent bolt openings during stone installation.

7. While filling tanks with stone, progressively backfill outside of tanks to provide support. Backfill material outside of tanks may consist of native soil, although it must be of moderate to high permeability. If not, appropriate backfill must be provided.

8. Install plants, 24 per tank, approximate size of 8 to 12-inches in height. Plant species vary by region and local conditions, consult with local nursery or STS representative for assistance. Watering is necessary during adaptation period to assure establishment of plant root zone. For more info see our plant selection, plant list and plant installation documents.

9. Set outlet flow control valve to a flow rate of 2 gallons/minute/tank, or to engineers specification. To do so the inlet pipes inside the sediment chamber must be plugged and the tanks must be filled with water to a depth of 2.5-feet. The outlet flow rate must be set using a timed measurement of the outflow and is adjusted using the outlet flow control valve. If water is not available on site, it will need to be provided by truck (approximately 700-gallons per tank).


Open PDF of Installation Procedures here.

Please contact us with any questions.



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