StormTreat Systems should be inspected biannually (spring and fall) to assess plant growth and overall system conditions. The following maintenance procedures are considered the minimum necessary to ensure proper functioning of the system.

Maintenance visits should include the following steps:

1. Maintain Plants During Growing Season (biannual)

  • Spring - Debris and weeds should be removed from the wetland stone media surface.
  • Fall - Well-established plants should be trimmed back in order to maintain access to lid.
  • If plants have deceased, remove and replace. Contact STS for species selection.
  • Newly installed plants may need to be manually watered to aid establishment.
  • Fertilization of plants is not recommended.
  • Adding straw mulch around the plants will help maintain soil moisture.

2. Measure Sediment Depth (annual)

  • Loosen bolts and remove tank lid (a custom socket is provided with new installations).
  • Measure depth of sediment with a measuring stick or tape measure.
  • Schedule a pump-out before sediment depth reaches 5 inches in the first chamber.
  • If necessary, remove contents of sediment chambers using a vacuum truck.
  • Flush inside chambers and internal piping with fresh water.

3. Inspect Skimmer Heads and Hoses (annual)

  • Skimmer heads should be floating.
  • Check all connections and condition of hoses.

4. Check Discharge Flow Rate (annual)

  • This task must be performed when the system is at least half full of water.
  • Open outlet flow control valve to maximum position and allow flushing for several minutes to clear any debris or organic buildup within the discharge pipes.
  • Set flow rate to 2 gallons per minute per tank by adjusting outlet flow control valve.
  • Measure flow rate at discharge location using a timed-volume measurement (graduated bucket and stopwatch). Tanks should be half full at time of measurement.
  • If system is fitted with a flow control orifice: locate and inspect orifice (typically found in outlet structure downstream from STS units).
  • Remove any algae or debris from the orifice opening with a brush or water jet to ensure maximum operational dimensions.
  • Reinstall STS tank lid (do not over-tighten bolts).


Download a PDF of Maintenance Procedures here.

Please contact us with any operation
and maintenance related questions.


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