StormTreat Systems are sized based on a few different factors including the: water quality design storm, area of impervious surface to be treated and allowable time to process the water quality volume. Generally 2-3 StormTreat units per acre of impervious surface are required to meet standards. To calculate the number of units and detention volume best suited for your application, use our sizing calculator below. Refer to your local stormwater BMP design handbook for state specific sizing details.

StormTreat System Sizing Calculator
  2. Varies by state. Massachusetts Design
    Storm is 0.5 inches.
  5. * 72 hours recommended by EPA. May vary
    by state or in sensitive areas.
  6. 2 gallons/minute recommended by STS for
    treatment performance.
  7. based on site requirements
  8. To be provided in detention structure.


* The total treatment capacity of StormTreat Systems is the volume of stormwater that can be processed during a three-day (72 hour) period during and following a stormwater runoff event. At the suggested discharge rate of 2 gallons/minute this equals 8640 gallons/tank. The 72-hour period is based upon EPA and state guidance that suggests this as an acceptable time period when pollutant concentrations on impervious surfaces are negligible following the wash-off from the previous storm and may vary by state.

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