About the System

StormTreat Systems (STS) is a proprietary stormwater runoff treatment technology offering high quality pollutant removal performance through the use of physical techniques (sedimentation, filtration) chemical processes (adsorption) and biological mechanisms (bioaccumulation, nitrification and denitrification).

It is comprised of a multistage system including a series of sediment trapping chambers, a gravel filter and integrated bioretention system. It is designed and sized to capture and treat the design storm volume of stormwater runoff events (which carry 90% of pollutants).

The unique combination of passive physical and active natural water treatment employed in this system provides for comprehensive removal of stormwater pollutants. Not only are suspended solids, petroleum hydrocarbons, metals, and nutrients stripped from the influent, but also bacterial contaminants, which pose a direct risk to human health, are effectively removed. The inclusion of the constructed wetland provides the surrounding area with additional vegetation thereby adding to habitat diversity.

State of the Art Pollutant Removal

STS provides a comprehensive solution to address a broad range of pollutants identified in TMDL studies. Our technology provides 93% removal of TSS, 88% of pathogens (enterococci), and 50% removal for total phosphorus. Visit our Pollutant Removal Data page for details.

Space Saving - LID Design

StormTreat Systems compact design and diverse configuration options significantly reduces the need for land-intensive detention facilities making it an ideal LID technology.

Cost Effective

By providing highly efficient treatment of the first flush, StormTreat Systems compares favorably with other stormwater BMPs on a "cost per-acre treated" basis.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance of STS is limited to annual plant maintenance and monitoring of sediment depth within the chambers. The sediment pumping schedule varies from site to site but is generally needed only every 2-3 years. Sediment removal procedures are similar to traditional catch basin clean-outs, using standard equipment and technique resulting in convenience and low cost. Visit our Maintenance page for more detail.


  • Residential Subdivisions
  • Lake Shores
  • Commercial Developments
  • Marinas and Landings
  • Industrial Sites
  • Parking Lots
  • Roads and Highways
  • Transportation Terminals
  • Reconstructions
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Habitat Restorations

For a PDF of our Info Card click here.


Tour the System

Follow the flow path (numbered 1-7) through the system to tour the different components of the StormTreat System. For more detail on how the system is configured on a site plan, visit our configurations page.


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